Welcome to Legends of Rock
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This is a world where rock and roll is the one power in the universe that can make anything possible. Adventures form bands and go on tour. Guitars are lethal weapons. Think of every classic stereotype from music videos to band movies and it is nearly possible here. Drum kits that cause explosions, the sign of the beast is more than just a hand signal.

Listen to the words of Dio and understand.
Go forth and rock!

Authors note: Music is massive subject and everyone has their own taste. I have tired to include as much as I can, but my own knowledge becomes stretched. I have tried very hard not to dominate this metaverse exclusively with Heavy Metal, ignoring the multitudes of magnificent bands out there. I may not listen to Phish, but I acknowledge that they are a great band, and people love their music. The most important factor in this game is that love of music. It is the power of music and not just the personal taste. While I have personal disagreements in taste with some music, that in no way invalidates the awesome feeling you get when your favorite band hits that first note and you know that you are in for a show.

Legends of Rock