Character guide

Six string samurai
This is an action game where guitars and swords meet in an orgy of music and awesomeness. Your characters can mix drum kits with shotguns, base guitars and battle axes.

Here is one thing that many people forget when thinking of a character. You are not only a musician, but you are also a member of a band. Not everybody can be the sword swinging guitarist, or the whip cracking lead singer. Someone has to play the drums, make the pyrotechnics, run the show. Dethklokband

This is a game that encourages references to pop culture, but not copies. It’s all well and good to make a character that is based on Axel Rose, but try not to make Axel Rose. The key reason is because many of those characters actually exist out there somewhere. Making a high jumping lead singer named Lee Dave Toth, with dozens of tassels dangling off him is great. Take Six String Samurai: Death may look a lot like Slash, play like him, but he isn’t Slash.

D20 Modern breaks the classes up into 6 different categories: Strong, Fast, Tough, Smart, Dedicated, and Charismatic. Already you may be thinking “won’t everyone be making charismatic heroes?” Everyone could have some levels in charismatic sure, but there are so many other types of characters out there that you may not have considered.

Character guide

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