Charismatic Heroes

Charismatic heroes are the cream of the crop musicians. These people are the virtuosos that legends are made of. Their one weakness is that the also tend to know who and what they are. Axel Rose is an egotistical jerk, Madonna doesn’t need a band, and does anyone else know a single member of the David Mathews Band? Charismatic heroes tend to be front men or at the very least the center of attention.

Tip: Keep the number of (exclusive) Charismatic heroes to a minimum, or there will be conflicts of interest, artistic disagreements leading to the inevitable break up and side projects.


The original guitar god himself Jimi Hendrix. Words fail to express this man’s talent and legend.

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With a career that spans over 30 years, Prince (or the artists formerly known as, who changed his name to a symbol) has one of the largest vocal ranges, perfect pitch, and is a master of multiple instruments.

Charismatic Heroes

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