The World

First the world was destroyed in war. Nuclear fire wiped clean much of the old world. The one thing that brought the world back together was The Rock.

Massive stones that jute from various places around the world were changed in the war. These stones were first worshiped as symbols of gods, and that is when things changed. When some sang to the rock. The Rock summoned sounds and music that had not been heard for over a lifetime. It was later learned that these stone could store/record music and play it back from time to time. Another side effect was that the rock began to change the land around it. Some believe that it is an effect of the radiation from the bombs, but no one really knows. But what is known is that the music played changes the rock and that in turn changes the world. Civilizations have risen and developed around rocks found throughout the world. Each one taking on distinct differences that have begun to change the world around them. In essence think of how strange the world is in music videos or album covers. Those world shown are real and permeate around the stones. If you need a visual demonstration look here and here.

This is where genre becomes so important. Each genre has it’s own land area where it has the most influence. The geographical features have physically been altered by it’s genre. The Coming of Metal, The Isles of Funk, The Country Lands, are just a few small examples of these regions. Each one has it’s own distinct flavor and feel.

There are those that oppose this though. “The Squares” have the mind set that this new discovery of music is the old world coming back to destroy us. They are not entirely wrong either. The Punks have become a plague on most cities, the Lands of Metal are constantly fighting each other, and many of the great legends of Rock have threatened the power of the establishment for years. The Squares have massive amounts of people and a great deal of authority over a large potion of the world. Inside the cities is another story (specifically Hollywood, Birmingham, Seattle, Kansas City, and Liverpool). But elsewhere be warned, they will come to shut you down and stop you from playing.

The World

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