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It is the “Age of Rock”

Long ago the old gods of rock created a world filled with music. Men and women cheered them in their glory. The music they played inspired generations. But then came the deaf times. The powerful music of the past was forgotten. Until the return of the king and the rebirth of rock.

The King rediscovered the long buried music of the past. The power of the music awoke powers that had been waiting for someone to call to it. The people of the world found courage and a strength that they had never known. The deaf times were over, for The King had come.

So began the age of rock. The blood of the king ran strong. New bands have risen and fallen since finding music of a lost time. The world was shaken by the fall of the great Lennon, the coming of metal, decadent days when hair ruled the world. But now a threat greater than any the age of rock has seen, threatening to undo all that it is, once again returning the world to the deaf times.

What the world needs is just one band to come and save us all…

But who will survive the battle of the bands?

The World A guide through the world of rock.

The Music The people, their music, notable stories.

System info The mechanics and D20 rules that apply to this game.

Character guide Helpful tips and trick to making a true guitar hero.

Main Page

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